Ideal job for everyone. - Cryptocurrency as Revolution in the Personnel Industry.

Important Notices(2018/8/1) : AirDrop by fake accounts pass off as official account are being held on Telegram from middle of July. We have repeatedly informed Telegram about this situation, but we have not yet received any response. Please make sure not to apply for the airdrop.


Proof of your qualities and skills SKILLCOIN will solve it.

SKILLCOIN is cryptocurrency that enables to objectively prove job career, skills and qualities by block chain technology. The mismatch between workers skills and the skills employers are seeking is a major problem affecting the productivity and unemployment rate of society as a whole, we want to solve this problem with SKILLCOIN.

  • 優秀な人材の採用
    Ideal employment

    Enables to recruit ideal employees by preventing the mismatch between candidate's skills and the skills employers are seeking.

  • 仲介手数料の削減
    Cost Reduction

    Companies are able to find talented people with excellent skills at a lower cost by not relying on employment agency.

  • 就労者の給与向上
    Salary Increase

    Job applicants can get a better offer from company by matching with company that need their skills.

Platform utilizing the personnel information

SKILLCOIN also functions as an education and learning platform for skill sharing and even skill development.

In this platform, SKILLCOIN is used as a means of settlement, and creates ecosystem while increasing liquidity.

This platform can help to expand individual abilities and strength, and also increase revenue for whole society.




  • 2018

    • Release White Paper
    • Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing
    • Open Website
    • Develop alpha version.
    • Select partners for test the service.
    • Test start of alpha version with partners.
  • 2019

    • Develop beta version.
    • Test start beta version.
    • Release closed beta version.
    • Design Personnel Matching Service.
    • Develop Personnel Matching Service.
    • Release the service.
  • 2020

    • Design skill share platform.
    • Business development for
      Personnel Matching Service.
    • And more...


Token StandardERC20 (ERC223-Compatible)
Contract Address0x417d6feeae8b2fcb73d14d64be7f192e49431978
Total Supply30,000,000,000
Lock UpPossible

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Trade NameSKILL Inc.
Address7-14-13, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Capital stock600,000 (As of June 2018)
Fiscal yearDecember 31
RepresentativePresident/CEO Tomokazu Mizutani
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